The best armchair models

What could be better than coming home after a hard day’s work and relax on your favorite chair? I think few are the finer things in life and there are very few pleasures that you can enjoy inside a House, sit on a comfortable armchair is certainly one of these pleasures. But there are many models on the market, how to choose the best one for our needs? In this guide we will see the best models of armchairs and give helpful advice for choosing. The armchairs can be both with and without armrests. Are available in various styles, you can find them completely covered or partially, with or without upholstery. A fully upholstered armchair presents both the seat back upholstered in fabric or leather, while a partially upholstered armchair is covered only the backrest or seat. Non-cushioned chairs can be wood, metal, plastic, or cane. Most wood used in the making of armchairs include: cherry, mahogany, walnut and Alder. Non-cushioned chairs can have a detachable rear shock and are considered more durable padded armchairs as wood, metal and plastic does not easily absorb any food or liquids. At the end of 1910, Eileen Gray designed the armchair “Bibendum” featuring an iconic design and still remains at the top of the best projects in the world. In choosing a Chair is recommended select a durable fabric and stain-resistant. The best models of armchairs are: Parsons, Bergère, Scale-back, Chippendale, and Windsor.

An armchair Parsons presents a backrest and a smooth smooth back seat; a bergère armchair has an arm of French style with a wood frame, the seat and backrest are padded. Chippendale chairs have a carved wooden seat and backrest with a curvy design.

The Ladder-back have the seat, back and horizontal slats of wood. The Windsor are wooden and have a curved rear horizontal round dowels that extend from the seat to become one piece of curved wood, at the top of the Chair.

Ecological leather armchairs made are considered good armchairs as well as being soft, bright and strong, are made of a nylon/cotton Ripstop network plot, on which it is applied a layer of rubber or polyurethane; the thickness of 0.8 mm -2.0 ecological leather armchairs goes. Another model of armchairs appreciated are those covered in artificial leather (is very similar to the skin is to feel that for the view. This type of skin keeps the look of your seats unchanged over time), which are soft and versatile. Leather seats are available in different types of prints and colors.

Choose a comfortable chair is important, especially because given the prices represent a small investment, but once you have chosen the right model make life much easier. I just so wish you good choice.